Deborah Stovall, M.S., L.P.C.
     Licensed Professional Counselor
Marriage is an agreement between two people to be committed to each other through the good times and the bad times. It is an uphill road; sometimes a couple moves slowly and sometimes more quickly. There are fundamental tools that make a marriage work and then there are ways to make it function better once it is "working". I can help you with both of these areas. I use Imago therapy along with didactic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to bring about changes in a marriage. If the couple is committed to change, their marriage will change dramatically.

Oftentimes, a couple is struggling because one or the other person is projecting the parent figure onto their spouse. This is very common. Another problem in marriages is when the marriage reaches an impasse and one of the partners either leaves the marriage or commits infidelity. Children also pose challenges to a marriage putting the relationship on the back burner. But this does not need to happen. The relationship is the foundation for the family and needs to be strong, communicative and nurturing as it imprints the children for their future relationships.
All of these hurdles are fixable with guidance and coaching. Any situation can be improved upon or repaired. Marriages only grow stronger, the more hurdles that are conquered. Therapy can guide a couple to a healthy road of recovery and often speed up the process.

Recommended Reading: 
The Power of Two by Susan Heitler
The Alcoholic Marriage (Alanon Publication available at Alanon Intergroup, 6162 Mockingbird       Dallas, TX.)
I Need Your Love-Is that True? by Byron Katie
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