Deborah Stovall, M.S., L.P.C.
     Licensed Professional Counselor
I invite you to look around and see if we are a fit. I have a degree in Family Therapy from Texas Woman's University and am a licensed professional counselor. Before becoming a therapist, I was teacher for 25 years in high school, junior high, and elementary school. Hence, I have many years of working with families in helping their children succeed.

I have used the Love and Logic principles for many years not only with my own two boys but also in the classroom. Now I teach those principles to parents that come to see me with children that are experiencing behavior problems either at home or school. These principles are the key to raising successful, confident, and responsible children. The Love and Logic program also works with tweens and teens, all across the board from 2 to 18.

I see not only children but couples and individuals. Being trained in family therapy, I am very focused on the healthy family and its characteristics. Since the family is the base and backbone of our society, it is so important that it functions like a well-oiled machine. Sometimes, if we are not raised in a healthy environment, we don't know what it takes to make the machine work. By seeing the individual child or the parents, a family will begin to change and work towards being a healthier unit.

I treat anxiety, depression, grief, codependency, divorce, family of origin issues, sexual and physical abuse, lack of motivation, and feelings of "not wanting to live" or an overall sadness about life.

Marriage is the basic unit in a family. If the marriage is strong with open communication skills, emotional intimacy and a satisfying sex life, the entire family will be strong and healthy. It is the trickle down theory; the children are only as healthy as the parents. What we do as parents is mirrored by our children and our actions and thoughts are imprinted upon them. So we do want to send healthy messages in our behavior, how we treat our spouse, and ultimately, how we treat and love ourselves.

Look at my pages on marriage counseling, children and parenting, and individuals and don't miss my recommended book lists. I accept insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Cigna) and provide a sliding scale if needed. My office is open Mon-Sat. 10-7. Please call or you can request an appointment on this website under "Contact Us".

Deborah Stovall L.P.C.
6750 Hillcrest Plaza Drive
Ste. 324
Dallas, Texas  75230

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